Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy applies only to this website and describes how and why we use cookies. We gather data that can assist us in enhancing our website. We seek your authorization to collect this data upon your entry into the site. All automatically gathered information, subject to your consent, is compiled in an aggregated format and does not allow for the identification of you as a specific person.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of text stored by a website's server in your computer's browser or on your mobile device when you access the website.

This cookie contains a distinctive code that permits Us to recognize your browser while you're navigating our website (referred to as a "session" cookie) or during subsequent visits (known as a "persistent" cookie).

Each cookie is unique to your web browser. Cookies may be set by the visited website's server or by partners collaborating with the website, referred to as "third-party cookies."

Cookies generally enhance user interaction with the website, making it more convenient and swift, aiding users in navigating various sections of the website. Additionally, cookies may be utilized to tailor the website's content to the visitor, aligning it with their personal preferences and requirements.

Usage of Cookies

The operator of is:
Vericy, Limited Liability Company.
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New Jersey

We utilize cookies to optimize the functionality of the website by saving your preferences. We employ necessary cookies, functional/preference cookies, statistical cookies, and marketing cookies.

Consent from the user is necessary for utilizing statistical, functional, and marketing cookies on The user retains the right to withdraw their consent to cookie usage at any time. Refer to section 5 of this Cookie Policy for guidance on cookie management and deletion. See the full list of cookies on Cookie List.

Essential Cookies: These cookies are vital for the website's operation and cannot be deactivated on this website. They are typically activated in response to your specific requests, such as configuring your privacy preferences, signing in, or completing forms. These cookies do not retain any personally identifiable information.

Analytical/Statistical Cookies: Analytical cookies are employed to gather data about the website's usage, aiming to enhance the content, tailor it to visitor preferences, and enhance user experience.

Data Collected:

* Cookie consent (permission to place cookies on your device)

* Visitor ID (assigned by a cookie placed on your device)

* IP address (internet device address used for statistical purposes only)

* Referrer (source of visit, e.g.,

* Location, date, and time of visit (e.g., United States, xx/xx/xxxx, 12.00 PM)

* Details about the device used for the visit (e.g., operating system, browser, etc.)

* File downloads and content shared on social media or other available platforms (e.g., share buttons)

Marketing Cookies: Marketing cookies are employed for analytics and research, and to present personalized and relevant content, ascertain the frequency of specific ad displays, assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, track data from prior visits, and share aggregated data with involved third parties like advertisers. These cookies are deployed on the website and stored on your device by third parties.

Third-Party Cookies

We have the option to utilize third-party cookies, which are cookies placed into the user's browser by an external entity not affiliated with Us.

The data gathered from these third-party cookies remains beyond Our reach. Instead, it is exclusively collected and utilized by the respective third party for their particular objectives. We may incorporate images and video content from platforms such as YouTube. Consequently, when you visit a Our site featuring embedded content from external sources, you may come across cookies from these platforms. The control over the dissemination of these cookies is beyond Our control. For comprehensive insights into their cookie policies, please consult the respective third-party website.

We integrate "share" buttons, simplifying content distribution for users across prominent social platforms. If you are logged into their services, these platforms might create a cookie. We lack authority over the propagation of these cookies. We recommend referring to the relevant third-party website for detailed information about their cookie practices.

Cookies Utilized on Our Websites

We implement cookies, the specifics of which are outlined in depth through the cookie List available on website

Within the cookie inventory, you can access comprehensive details regarding the entity placing the cookie, the cookie's nomenclature, and the classification of the cookie (1st, 2nd, or 3rd party cookie).

Managing Cookies

You are required to express your preference regarding permitting or disabling the placement of cookies on your device.

Declining specific cookie usage may result in limited functionality on the site, potentially hindering access to certain services offered on our websites.

Should you wish to regulate or inhibit cookie usage, kindly communicate your preferences through the cookie exhibited on the website. Alternatively, you can manage cookie usage via your browser settings, a process elucidated in your browser's Help function.

Please bear in mind that restricting cookie usage might impact the functionality.

Data Privacy

When you consent to analytics cookies, we gather data such as general information about your computer and its location, along with the website of origin.

This data does not enable individual identification and is strictly utilized in an aggregated format. It helps us understand the origin of our visitors, their interactions, and where they spend the most time.

Any time we request personally identifiable information that could identify you individually, we seek your consent. We're committed to providing a clear explanation regarding the purpose, method, storage, and usage of the information we collect.

We solely collect and retain personally identifiable information for the explicitly stated purpose during the collection process. After processing your information for the stated purpose(s), we ensure your privacy by promptly erasing and destroying the data.

Certain data is acquired through cookies, aligning with our legitimate interest. This helps improve our website, enhance user experiences, gather statistics, optimize functionality, and facilitate effective marketing and retargeting.

For each cookie type gathering personal data for specific purposes, We process the collected personal data exclusively for the purposes for which you've consented.

Rest assured, all your personal data remains confidential and is used strictly in accordance with the aforementioned purposes.

We may collaborate with third-party service providers who access and process your personal data. Additionally, we may transfer personal data to other Our group entities. If personal data is processed by a third party outside the EU/EEA, this is executed under the EU Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses. Transfers to other Our group entities outside the EU/EEA adhere to Binding Corporate Rules.

Under data protection regulations, you possess specific rights, including:

* Access to an overview of your personal data held by us

* Receipt of your personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format

* Update or correction of your personal data

* Deletion or destruction of your personal data

* Restriction or cessation of the processing of your personal data

* Withdrawal of consent for us to process your personal data, without affecting prior lawful processing

* Filing a complaint about our personal data processing with a Data Protection Authority

Applicable law might impose limitations on these rights based on specific processing circumstances. For inquiries or requests concerning these rights, please reach out to Us